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Anuttara Yoga Shala is a 500-Hour RYS

We offer rigorous teacher training programs that will transform your life!

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    At Anuttara, we set the bar high. We believe the more highly trained the teacher, the better. We offer our 200-hour graduates 50 percent off all future trainings, making it extremely affordable to earn your full 500-hour certification.

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If you have questions or would like to see our yoga teacher training facilities, drop by anytime. Anuttara is an authentic, traditional yoga school. Don’t delay – space is limited. These courses will change your life!

Our Students Testimonials

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Wow!! What an incredible experience!! The teachers are so informative within the sequence while the energy within the space is something I have never experienced!! This is the best Yoga space in Florida!!

Lisa Steinfeld

I’ve been practicing yoga for over 20 years all over the country and never experienced anything like Anuttara yoga.  This is not just a yoga studio - it is an experience, a community, a retreat and transporting experience - the practice room is huge with heigh ceilings and gorgeous wood with an outdoor garden and hang out that feels like I get to go to a hotel resort for the price of a yoga class - the joyfull organic cafe in the back is not to be missed - best smoothies and lattes I ever had and they have this incredible vegan soft serve.

Leah Landon

Anuttara is an excellent yoga shala and yoga school. Love this place…I started taking the Raja class in 2010, and fell in Love with it right away! It truly helped me change my life. I kept going every week and eventually I decided to take the 100 hour Raja teacher training and then the 300 Hatha teacher training right afterward. Philip Christodoulou is an amazing teacher of truth…I am forever grateful, mind, body and soul.

Mary Vezendy

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Anuttara Hatha Yoga 200-Hour
Teacher Training

Saturday, October 16 - , December 19, Sunday 2021
  • Philosophy


    This course centers on the study of the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali — the essence of Raja, or Classical, Yoga.

    In Part 1, students learn Sanskrit basics, psychology and philosophy that are the foundation of Anuttara Raja Yoga. We will break down each Sutra, word by word, and delve into its meaning.

    Graduates of the Philosophy component can elect to take a 200 Hour Certificate or continue to Part II.

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Anuttara Advanced Vinyasa Yoga 100-Hour
Teacher Training

  • Go deep

    This course will deepen your understanding of the methodology, philosophy and physiology of Anuttara Yoga. Candidates should be registered yoga teachers or advanced practitioners who have a strong Vinyasa Yoga practice of at least 6 months!

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Anuttara Raja Yoga 200-Hour
Teacher Training

  • Share your passion

    Come and learn how to share your passion for Yoga as a very well trained and educated Teacher of The Sacred Science.

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