• The Art of Vinyasa workshop

    Led by Victoria and Frankie this Saturday, June 12th from 11:30-1:30 pm. The Art of Vinyasa Workshop takes a deep look at what we call “a vinyasa.” A three part posture flow that resets the energy of the spine throughout the sequence.

    Victoria & Frankie will deconstruct four limbed staff pose, upward facing dog & downward facing dog, while introducing the mechanics of the jump back and float forward with grace and ease.

    Th Art of the Vinyasa is open for all levels. If you want to refine your practice or gain strength, and confidence in each pose. It is a great opportunity to ask questions on your technique to feel success in the flow of our Vinyasa Sequence.

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Our Students Testimonials

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Anuttara is an excellent yoga shala and yoga school. Love this place…I started taking the Raja class in 2010, and fell in Love with it right away! It truly helped me change my life. I kept going every week and eventually I decided to take the 100 hour Raja teacher training and then the 300 Hatha teacher training right afterward. Philip Christodoulou is an amazing teacher of truth…I am forever grateful, mind, body and soul.

Mary Vezendy

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